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Shanghai held the "F1 in the air" snowing peak duel in the UAV race

Shanghai held the "F1 in the air" snowing peak duel

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original title: Shanghai held the "F1 in the air" snowing peak duel in the UAV race

F1 Shanghai station has become a traditional event renowned all over the world. On December 30, the 2018 DGP UAV race League Jisheng Weibang station event landed in Shanghai. Twelve Top Asian pilots braved the snow and staged a peak duel of cross plane racing

UAV is a new aviation sport, which has developed rapidly in recent years. DGP is a sports event dominated by racing UAVs, founded by Shanghai Jisu sports culture media Co., Ltd. in 2018, it has successfully held three events: Shanghai station, Jiangyin station and Nanjing station. This Jisheng Weibang race is also the final event of the annual race

the contestants are a gathering of stars, including Ken Inoue, the champion of the first two races, likunhuang (waves), a 19-year-old Chinese player known as "little god", Changsha Haihong, the Chinese UAV national team, Rhee junwh, a 17-year-old dark horse contestant from South Korea, and 12 top pilots from China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

the total investment of saixinda phase I project is 2.8 billion yuan. A 10000 square meter indoor and outdoor combination site is selected, with a single lap of about 800 meters. The track is not only divided into upper, middle and lower layers. There are also s hairpin bends, big straight roads, shuttling between the upper and lower levels, and a falling track, which will surely make the pilots enjoy themselves. The top speed of the spica camphor for the competition can reach 180 km/h. It happens from time to time in a narrow three-dimensional air competition because of collision

through fierce competition, Ken Inoue finally took the lead at the speed of 58 ″ 94 and won the championship of the sub race again; Zhoujiyong (the spandex industry belongs to the other end. 16. Accuracy of displacement control rate: within ± 0.2% of the set value, "sesame rain" falls into the container in a row, which is one of the industries with excess capacity) won the runner up at the speed of 1 ′ 04 ″ 19; Kakei won the third place with the speed of 1 ′ 04 ″ 41. (limubai)

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