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UAE crane company will purchase 50million US dollars of cranes

UAE crane company will purchase 50million US dollars of cranes

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Guide: UAE crane company al Faris announced that it will purchase 50million US dollars (40million euros) of cranes in 2013, expanding the number of leasing companies' cranes that serve the energy industry. Al Faris, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has many rental stores in the United Arab Emirates, including

al Faris, a lifting company in the United Arab Emirates, announced that it would purchase a crane worth 50million US dollars (40million euros) in 2013 and expand the number of cranes of its leasing companies that serve the energy industry

al Faris, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has many rental stores in the United Arab Emirates, including Abu Dhabi, jibe Ali, sharjahamria, Ajman and Fujairah

the company currently owns 50t-1200t all terrain cranes of Liebherr, worth more than 1billion dirhams. In 2011, the company purchased 25 sets of TADANO gr 700ex, and in 2012, it purchased 30 sets of large tonnage Liebherr and TADANO cranes

in order to further increase the number of cranes, the company has just ordered a batch of cranes, including 6 Liebherr LTM series all terrain cranes, 1 Liebherr LR crawler crane and 2 multi field cranes, of which 2 Liebherr LTM 1750 will be delivered in 2013

al Faris recently opened an office in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. As early as 2007, the company established an energy leasing branch in the United Arab Emirates

"our products include KVA diesel generator set, installation transformer (6.6/11/22 kV), provision of high-voltage and low-voltage cables, large volume double-layer fuel tank and mobile lighthouse. Charles govias, operation manager of Al Faris, said that the company can provide a full set of key projects for the power station, covering the whole process of design, construction, delivery and maintenance of the power station."

the recession caused the decline of Dubai construction industry in Al Faris' main market. Due to its inertia, the company began to provide a large number of services to the oil and gas industry. In order to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry, a safer lifting operation is required to increase its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching Sometimes special steel is embedded in the jaw, Or spray gold steel sand on the jaw surface (only hard metal materials can be properly clamped. For this reason, Al Faris must meet strict safety standards and purchase larger tonnage cranes. The company said that the oil and gas industry often requires the use of cranes with much larger tonnage for lifting operations, leaving more room for mistakes.

al Faris has accumulated rich experience in lifting operations for the energy industry and is good at material handling in the magnetic field environment of the power station Industry. In this environment, Al Faris often uses cranes manufactured before 2000 because the new generation of electronically controlled lifting opportunities are subject to electromagnetic interference

"before entering the magnetic field, the crane will not move, and all signals and functions of the engine and gearbox will be lost." Charles said. "It belongs to the category of power assembly. At this time, it is necessary to restore the function of the trapped crane. Pulling away from the general narrow speed regulation range, there is no low speed when there is high speed, or there is no high-speed construction site when there is low speed. It takes oneortwo days to demagnetize. Although the crane has been fully magnetized, after a period of time, the functions of the engine and gearbox will be fully restored, and the crane can drive away by itself."

al Faris will continue to expand its service scope, including providing lifting operation plan and risk analysis, not only for the energy industry, but also for the factory, port, ocean, shipping and construction industries

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