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On March 21, the UAV alliance officially released the end-to-end report applet, which is a comprehensive service application integrating spare parts procurement and report maintenance. The main company of the UAV alliance is sky dream (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. in the face of fierce market competition, the shortage of raw materials and the people's attention to Huanzhen, the company is committed to building a "UAV comprehensive application service platform", The vision is to solve the effective application and management of UAVs, establish standards for UAV after-sales service system, and promote the healthy and rapid development of UAV industry

the official launch of the small program marks that the development of the after-sales service system in the UAV industry has entered a new stage, and the after-sales service system has become more perfect. This small program is time-saving, labor-saving, easy and convenient for users. By searching the "UAV alliance" small program, we vigorously develop the production and utilization of green and environmentally friendly plasticizers, heat stabilizers, etc., and achieve "one click repair" online, and quickly submit materials (about 5 minutes), Guide to the nearest service station for detection and rapid maintenance. In the operation season, timeliness directly affects the revenue. We process all processes through the system to improve the offline complex processes. Traditional halogen and other flame retardant systems have been greatly restricted

UAV alliance release end report Applet/figure source UAV alliance

with the in-depth development of UAV technology, UAVs have been applied to aerial photography, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, land surveying and mapping, electric power line patrol, emergency rescue and other fields. They have been widely used mainly in agriculture, forestry and plant protection. While applying new technologies, various problems continue to appear, In 2019, the number of UAVs engaged in plant protection reached about 100000, and the number of UAVs in the market reached about 30000. Due to emerging skills, the number of employees increased sharply, and the technical aspects were also uneven. During the operation, the accident rate of UAVs increased continuously, so the maintenance of UAVs after sale was undoubtedly crucial. At present, most manufacturers in the market focus on the expansion of UAV sales, and the after-sales service is relatively weak, Some manufacturers do not even have after-sales service, which leads to the problem that there is no place to repair the UAV, and many brands will not repair it. They can not only help 3D printing enthusiasts reduce the damage to the environment caused by 3D printing, but also scrap the equipment of 10000 yuan

in 2016, the UAV alliance began to communicate and cooperate with many domestic manufacturers to unify the industry's after-sales service system. By the end of 2016, the alliance had mastered the maintenance technology of 35 models, and was authorized by the manufacturer for after-sales service. It has cooperated with domestic insurance companies to jointly develop and implement a number of UAV support products including fuselage, operation, accident and other functions. It has also become a loss determination enterprise for UAV insurance authorized by the insurance company

at present, the UAV alliance has built more than 170 "UAV 4S stores" for offline basic services to comprehensively protect the vital interests of users and reduce user losses

UAV alliance hopes to become a server and promoter of China's UAV industry

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