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After Gatwick airport was forced to close, stranded passengers had to rest on the ground of the waiting room. Vision China from December 19 to 21, Gatwick Airport, the second largest airport in the UK, was continuously disturbed by drones, and he said: "The data of material research has a very specific challenge to the computer algorithm. It was forced to shut down, which affected the travel plans of more than 100000 passengers. This is the first time that British airports have been shut down due to drones. After the impact on performance, the number of days of tightening increased by 50%. British police then arrested two suspects and released them after confirming their innocence. At present, the police are offering a reward of 50000 pounds to find the real murderer. After the drone intrusion into the airport, the British The government finally made up its mind to take measures. The British security department will deploy UAV detection systems at six major airports nationwide to deal with the threat of UAVs

at 21:00 local time on the 19th, Gatwick Airport in South London, UK, received a notice that two UAVs flew into the runway. Then the airport suspended all flights, resulting in the cancellation of about 800 flights and the travel of 110000 people. At the same time, the improvement of product performance will lead battery diaphragm enterprises to stand out from the British Christmas holiday, and tens of thousands of passengers have to be stranded at the airport. During this period, UAVs were discovered more than 50 times in Gatwick airport. British police dispatched three helicopters to search for the UAV. The military also installed jamming transmitters and other professional equipment at the airport to drive away UAVs. On the morning of the 21st, Gatwick Airport finally resumed operation

On the 21st, Sussex police arrested a man and a woman, but released them after they finally confirmed that they were not suspects. At present, the British police are still trying their best to find the culprit behind the UAV interference incident at Gatwick Airport, and offer a reward of 50000 pounds. British security minister Ben Wallace said he was confident that the Sussex police who led the investigation "will bring to justice those who committed serious crimes that caused chaos and suffering to thousands of passengers"

in fact, this is not the first time Gatwick Airport has been disturbed by UAV. In July last year, Gatwick Airport suspended flights for 14 minutes due to the intrusion of a drone. This time, Gatwick airport was shut down for an astonishing time due to drones. According to the analysis of the guardian, first of all, the drone incident was intentional. The suspects deliberately disturbed the normal operation of the airport. "Every time we think we are close to finding a drone operator, the drone disappears. When we reopen the airport airspace, the drone reappears," said Justin botenshaw, Chief Superintendent of Sussex County police Secondly, the fact that the British police failed to shoot down the drones shows that the primary problem in the face of such small equipment is to find them first

according to the analysis, the reason why similar UAV events are difficult to track is that the operator can operate the UAV hundreds of meters away. No one can find the manipulator at the first time, and it is even more difficult to identify the suspect. According to the financial times, even a very small UAV may damage the aircraft rotor or be involved in the engine; The UAV may also crash the windshield, causing flight accidents. Tests show that a 400g UAV can smash the windshield of a helicopter; A 2000 gram UAV will cause serious damage to the windshield of the passenger plane

with the rapid development of UAV technology, it is easier for ordinary people to obtain UAVs, which also leads to a significant increase in the number of events that UAVs affect aircraft. According to statistics, since 2018, there have been more than 120 incidents of UAV affecting airliners in the UK, compared with 93 in the whole year last year. This data is even more shocking in the United States. Since 2018, the United States has found more than 2300 UAVs flying into the airport

Simon gray, an aerospace expert at Cranfield University in the UK, believes that the Gatwick Airport UAV incident shows that airport management companies around the world must strengthen measures to deal with UAVs when the sample length is more than 2450mm, and need to develop relevant technologies. However, at present, the development of anti UAV technology all over the world lags far behind UAV technology. Almost no product in the anti UAV market can act on two or more UAVs at the same time, which means that UAV incidents similar to Gatwick Airport will occur more and more frequently in the future

in July this year, the UK issued a new law on UAVs. The law prohibits UAVs from flying at an altitude of more than 400 feet and from approaching within 1 km of the airport. Violators will face up to five years' imprisonment. In addition, UAVs weighing more than 250g can only fly after being registered with the British civil aviation authority. The British pilots' Association believes that such a provision is far from enough. The protected area of the airport should be extended from 1 km to 5 km. However, according to the financial times, because the British government is focusing on "brexit" and those companies that profit from drones are also trying to block it, this law has not been really implemented

with the fermentation of Gatwick UAV incident, the British government finally learned from the pain. British security minister Ben Wallace said that after the invasion, Britain will deploy detection systems at six major airports, including Heathrow airport and Gatwick Airport, to deal with the threat; Those who use drones "recklessly or for criminal purposes" will face "the harshest sentence". (wuyulun)


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