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I often see owners in Wuhan searching online for the decoration effect drawings of two bedrooms and one living room. Owners often ask me how to make the two bedrooms and one living room look like a fashionable mansion. Today, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will take you to have a look at these classic two bedroom and one living room decoration renderings. There are rural style, modern simple style, as well as Southeast Asian, European and American style decoration. Less than 5 in case, you can pretend to have a sense of luxury. Come and have a look

(1) half pack 30000 to pack European and American style, two rooms and one living room

decoration files:

small area: lishima Meisheng (more decoration effect pictures of lishima Meisheng community) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: European Rural decoration method: half pack contract amount: 30000-50000 decoration company: Yigao decoration

design concept: the decoration area of this set of cases is only 53 square meters, but although the sparrow is small, it has five dirty things. European style rural style brings you not only a sense of warmth, but also more designers' design techniques, so that you can never see a small apartment of 53 square meters

European pastoral style: it focuses on the performance of nature, but different pastoral areas have different nature, which also leads to a variety of styles, including Chinese style, European style, and even the pastoral style of South Asia, each with its own characteristics and beauty. The former is characterized by gorgeous cloth art and pure handmade production: each kind of cloth art is full of local flavor, furniture materials are mostly pine and Ailanthus, and the production and carving are all pure handmade, which is very exquisite; The latter is characterized by white washing and bold color matching of furniture. [Click to view details]




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