How to calculate the overall kitchen cabinet price

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Integral cabinet is common in modern kitchen decoration. It is composed of cabinet, gas stove, electrical appliances and other kitchen functions. With the gradual popularization of integral cabinet, people begin to have new understanding and requirements for kitchen. So how much is the price of such an overall kitchen cabinet? How should the overall kitchen cabinet price be calculated? Now let's introduce it to you. Interested friends may wish to know about it

1. The overall kitchen cabinet price

1. Consumers with experience in purchasing cabinets should know that cabinets are “ Linear meter ” Calculate the price. On this basis, if the kitchen chooses local or only needs the bottom cabinet, and there is no ceiling cabinet, it will be converted in the proportion of 2/8 or 4/6; There is another way to calculate the overall cabinet according to the standard size, which is called the cabinet pricing method

2. When quoting, the overall cabinet is different from other furniture. Other price quotations are based on quantity, such as one piece or set, but the overall cabinet is based on “ Linear meter ” For quotation calculation, “ Linear meter ” That is, the width of the cabinet, such as 1 linear meter cabinet, and the 1 linear meter cabinet also includes floor cabinet, countertop and hanging cabinet

3. Linear meter is a special unit. If you can't understand it, it can be understood as 1 linear meter =1 meter. It includes a one meter long console and a one meter long hanging cabinet. When shopping, although I saw two different prices, the quotation of the merchant was calculated by linear meter, including the upper and lower cabinets

in general, the specific price of the overall cabinet should be determined by the length, width and size of the cabinet purchased. The following will give an example to illustrate the detailed price

II. How to calculate the price of the overall kitchen cabinet

example: suppose the kitchen area is about 8 square meters, the cabinet is about 3 meters, and there are three groups of bottom cabinets and two groups of hanging cabinets. Next, Xiaobian will calculate its price through two calculation methods, which you can refer to for calculation

1. Pricing by linear meter: the unit linear meter is 3 meters. If 2000 yuan/linear meter, the price of 3 linear meters is 6000 yuan

2. Pricing by cabinet: the price of three groups of bottom cabinets + the price of two groups of hanging cabinets. For example, the price of a group of bottom cabinets is 1200 yuan, and the price of three groups is 3600 yuan; The price of a group of lockers is 800 yuan, and the price of two groups of lockers is 1600 yuan. The total price together is 5200 yuan

using linear meter unit to calculate cabinets is the main method to calculate cabinets in the market at present. Using the linear meter calculation method, you only need to customize the cabinet, as long as you can make the kitchen size data accurate, so that your budget can be done perfectly, in detail, when you look at the settlement, it will be clear at a glance, and there will be no cost disputes

editor's summary: the above is the knowledge of the overall kitchen cabinet price and how to calculate the overall kitchen cabinet price, which can be used as a reference for you. When choosing furniture such as cabinets, you should know well. I hope you can customize your own satisfactory overall cabinets. If you want to know more relevant information, please look forward to it




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