China's door and window enterprises need to import

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Door and window enterprises are traditional manufacturing industries, which do not have high technical requirements. So far, folk "carpenters" still play the role of door and window manufacturing in economically backward areas. Artisanal door and window workshop production is still scattered among the people. Many door and window enterprises come from this workshop door and window production industry, and gradually expand planning and add mechanical equipment. Therefore, they are very careless in handling

this kind of rough handling either has no guidelines, or the guidelines stay on paper. The guidelines change day and night, and there is a lack of research on detailed handling methods and techniques. The pertinence, operability and execution are not strong. The organizational structure and functional positioning of the enterprise are not reasonable and clear. There are many levels of handling, and the handling efficiency is low. It's OK to be satisfied with almost everything. If something goes wrong, they push each other and wrangle

now, door and window enterprises have entered a period of low profits, especially those engaged in OEM and OEM. It is not that they cannot receive orders, but that they dare not accept orders. Due to the high cost, the turbulence of the US dollar, the appreciation of the RMB, and the long collection cycle, they will be unprofitable and even lose money. The cost of controlling each link is precious. Raw materials should be fully utilized, inventories should be reduced to the extreme, labor benefits should be brought into play, purchasing costs and selling costs are eager to decline, and the cost control of each process is an opportunity for profit growth

the earliest implementation of precision management in door and window enterprises is Taiwan door and window enterprises, and the general preferred method for these Taiwan door and window enterprises in precision management is to import professional ERP system to complete enterprise precision management, so that enterprises can reach the management level of "zero defect", "timely production" and "zero inventory". Through the implementation of ERP, we can solve the industry management problems: difficult supply chain coordination, weak scheme control, slow response speed, high cost of timely delivery, messy cost control and accounting, lack of quality traceability and other precision problems

the competition of door and window enterprises is the competition of details. Subtleties show Kung Fu. The valuable value of details lies in creativity, which is unique and without repetition. Details affect quality, details reflect grade, details show differences, and details determine success or failure. People are seeking higher and higher standards. Door and window shopping malls are exquisite and precise. Details often reflect the professional level of the enterprise, the essence of outstanding enterprise connotation, and improve the product quality of the enterprise




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