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It is a matter of making a final decision to use boards for home decoration, and it also affects the quality of the home environment.

this new era changes too fast, and the consumer market is becoming increasingly prosperous. Before a smart phone can fully play its functions, it can't wait to change to other new brands; A new dress popular in that season has not been put on twice, but has gradually been forgotten at the bottom of the wardrobe. It seems that people don't care so much about "durability". New, interesting, strange and good-looking things can always easily attract people's attention

however, the plate is different

using plates for home decoration is a decisive thing, and it is also a major event that affects the quality of home environment. We must not be careless. At present, there are many enterprises and brands in the plate market. Consumers need to keep up with merchants with high quality and good reputation and choose the best

baidibao health plate brand is a modern large decorative material enterprise integrating the production and sales of environmental friendly plates

its products have passed a number of environmental protection certifications such as "China environmental label products", and its independent brand - baidibao plate is firmly rooted in the throne of "China's top ten plate brands"

at first, China's plate industry put forward the concept of "wear resistance". For the surface of the plate, baidibao plate adopts environmental protection resin and carries out careful process treatment, forming a super wear-resistant layer. Therefore, baidibao board has comprehensive properties such as moisture resistance, scratch resistance, characterization resistance, cigarette burning resistance, corrosion and pollution resistance

at present, the wear-resistant index of board products generally on the market is about 300 revolutions or less, while the wear-resistant revolutions of baidibao board are more than 3000 revolutions, which shows that the durability of its products is far ahead

baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands in 2019: environmental protection, wear resistance, safe, healthy, tough and durable. It will stick to a healthy home for you. From the birth of a baby, to adulthood, and even to the age of 30, the furniture of the past is still there, and the warm memories of the family are still preserved


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