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The Forum on the coordinated development of China's plastics industry and environmental protection ended recently, the "2005 Forum on the coordinated development of China's plastics industry and environmental protection" co sponsored by China Plastics Processing Industry Association and Taizhou Municipal People's government was held in Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 60 people from relevant enterprises in the domestic plastic recycling industry attended the forum

some experts and scholars expressed their opinions on topics of interest to them: Sun Shaofeng, master of engineering from the solid Department of the pollution control department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, systematically introduced the policies, regulations, the status of imported waste plastics and the trend of imported solid waste environmental management in China; Pang Xiang, master of engineering, a researcher of the office of the National Accreditation Administration and a full-time supervisor of the pre shipment inspection of imported recycled raw materials, introduced the strict inspection of China's waste plastics before import, pointed out that "waste plastics are the type of imported recycled raw materials with the highest waveform authenticity rate when out of cycle", and made a detailed analysis of the causes and solutions; Mr. liufuzhong, vice president of China Household Electrical Appliance Association, introduced the role and position of plastic recycling in the development of waste electronic and electrical appliance industry; Tang saizhen, senior engineer of China Light Industry Information Center, discussed the prospect of the return of disposable polystyrene lunch boxes to the market

experts in the industry gave a wonderful speech on the progress of plastic recycling technology: Mr. liuyingjun, vice president and Secretary General of the modified plastics professional committee of China Plastics Association, gave a speech entitled "adhering to the principle of recycling and recycling, and promoting the coordinated development of the plastic industry and environmental protection"; Professor houshuting, chairman of EPS foamed plastics special committee of China Plastics Association, introduced several ways and technologies for recycling EPS foamed plastics; Dr. chenxuesi, director of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a speech on "the prospect of ecological plastics in the development of plastic industry", etc

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