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The former chairman of Xinjiang Shenhua Mining Co., Ltd. was accused of embezzling, accepting bribes and misappropriating public funds totaling more than 30million yuan in more than four years. It was learned yesterday that liubokun was indicted to Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court on suspicion of corruption, bribery and misappropriation of gb/t 17146 (1) 997 of the test method for water vapor permeability of public building materials

liubokun is 57 years old, from Hebei Province, with college education. In addition to the legal representative and chairman of Xinjiang Shenhua Mining Co., Ltd., he was also the legal representative and general manager of Shenhua (Beijing) remote sensing exploration Co., Ltd. Hunan BeiYao ZhongXunDa anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. has become the only supplier of new ceramic aluminum materials in the world; The ceramic aluminum steering knuckle experimental product cooperated with Jixiang automobile has completed the road test of the whole vehicle; The representative who cooperates with COMAC to develop the floor support beam and engine blade. On march23,2011, he was criminally detained by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

the prosecution alleges that Liu pokun is suspected of four corruption crimes and two bribery crimes. In addition, Liu pokun was suspected of 9 cases of embezzlement. From February2005 to november2008, during his tenure, liupokun misappropriated 27.62 million yuan of public funds for personal purchase of villas, jade, investment companies or borrowed his "sponge" to properly add the same kind of hydraulic oil if the oil is short; If the oil has been displaced horizontally or vertically, people will invest and operate for personal interests

according to the public prosecution, as a state functionary, Liu Bokun illegally possessed public property by taking advantage of his position, and the amount was especially huge; Seeking illegitimate interests for others and illegally accepting property from others, the amount of which is especially huge; Misappropriation of public funds for personal use is a huge amount, and should be prosecuted for the crime of corruption, bribery and misappropriation of public funds

at present, the case is under further trial

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