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Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd: the West should welcome China's multilateral activism

reference news on December 23, the US time weekly published a signed article by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on December 21. According to the article, 2016 is the year of the monkey in China. According to Chinese Zodiac culture, monkeys are considered to be symbols of intelligence, resourcefulness, ambition and daring to take risks. These qualities are urgently needed as China explores the complex policy challenges of the new year

in view of the necessity for China to implement the reform plan and the downside risks of the global economy, the CPC will also strengthen the economic team of the leadership. Although some Western comments are worrisome, China's economy will not collapse in 2016. In 2016, China's manufacturing exports, government investment and real estate industry will still decline. However, whether personal consumption can meet its actual situation will grow steadily, while the domestic service industry and it industry will grow more rapidly, which is likely to make the growth rate expected by Chinese leaders within reach. To ensure that everything is safe, China's leaders are implementing fiscal and monetary expansion policies - a sign that they will do everything possible to keep the economic growth rate above the threshold

according to the article, looking at the overall situation, people will see that China will adopt a more confident and active foreign and economic policy. The development of a series of large-scale economic Mai polymer projects launched by China is the existing project plan of SGL Group in leading cluster Mai carbon, such as the Asian investment bank, the BRICs New Development Bank and the "the Belt and Road" initiative, which also reflects this concept. Beijing will continue to consolidate these project plans in 2016 and is not expected to launch new plans of similar scale

the article believes that under the existing multilateral system, China is likely to be more and more proactive and forget the idea of keeping low profile and never taking the lead. Perhaps the West should consider welcoming China's multilateral activism rather than attacking it. This may help to consolidate the existing global governance system that has been greatly challenged, such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the IMF, the world bank, the WTO and the G20 over the past few years. Otherwise, the gap between the increasing demand for an effective global governance system and the help that the existing system can provide will further widen. And no country can benefit from it

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