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Formosa Plastics' 40billion Ningbo project will follow.

Formosa Plastics' investment projects in Ningbo have made progress. Recently, a source disclosed that the group has approved the project of building a special wharf with an investment of about US $90million in Ningbo Beilun port area. As a supporting project invested by Formosa Plastics in Ningbo, the approval of the project means that the "eight" words of Formosa Plastics' investment plan for steel and petrochemical Series in Ningbo of more than 40billion yuan (5billion US dollars) have been written down

it is understood that since Taiwan has not released Taiwan enterprises from investing in infrastructure construction in the mainland of the motherland, the terminal should be mainly used by Formosa Plastics Ningbo factories with changing customer needs in the future. Formosa Plastics dares to invest a huge amount of money to build such a large wharf with the increase of carbon fiber consumption demand of Boeing b777x and the next generation aircraft body, which also shows its confidence in relevant follow-up large-scale investment

at present, various projects of Ningbo Formosa Plastics related enterprise industrial park located in Ningbo Beilun economic and Technological Development Zone are under intense construction. It is understood that the park is planned to cover an area of 1100 hectares, and its scale will be second only to Formosa Plastics' production base in the United States. This year, Formosa Plastics PVC plant, Formosa chemical styrene copolymer plant and Formosa Plastics heavy industry machinery plant with an annual capacity of 300000 tons in the park will be put into operation successively. In addition, there are (2) regular oil change plants, including Formosa acrylate plant, polypropylene plant and Formosa pure terephthalic acid plant, which will also be completed in succession. In a few months, Formosa Plastics incorporated Huaya Steel Co., Ltd. in Ningbo. Although it announced that it would build a plant with a cold rolling capacity of 600000 tons, it was also reported that Formosa Plastics' ultimate goal was a full process steel consortium with an annual output of 10million tons

chenyonglong, the director of Formosa Plastics Ningbo thermal power plant, once disclosed that the cumulative investment scale of Formosa Plastics in Ningbo in the next few years will reach 5billion US dollars. It is precisely because of the increase of settled projects that the demand for power and steam of relevant enterprises of Ningbo Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. is cutting off day by day. Therefore, it is not hesitate to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a 450000 kW installed thermal power plant

as Wang Yongqing, chairman of Formosa Plastics Group, put pressure on the Taiwan authorities, a few days ago, he finally determined the timetable for Taiwan enterprises to invest in the petrochemical industry in the mainland. At the same time, major petrochemical groups on the island are striving to set up light oil cracking plants in the mainland. This has also prompted Formosa Plastics Group, which plans to set up a petrochemical industrial zone in Ningbo, to take the lead in establishing a Chemical Wharf capable of berthing 70000 ton light oil ships for the future light oil cracking plant in Ningbo

a relevant person from Ningbo Port Authority said that Formosa Plastics said that it had obtained the approval of the national development and Reform Commission for the plan to add five special wharves in Ningbo Beilun port. "Although we haven't seen the text yet, Ningbo port and Formosa Plastics have been in contact with each other on the form of cooperation between the two sides, and may soon start dock construction. In fact, the land in the port area has been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries, and has been reserved until now." The person said, "at present, there are two options for cooperation between the two sides, including sole proprietorship and joint venture. After all, Formosa Plastics has no experience in managing port terminals."

it is reported that the terminal to be built will be used for berthing finished oil tankers, chemical ships, coal bulk ships and container ships. It is estimated that the annual import and export volume of goods will exceed 5million tons. These are undoubtedly customized to meet the transportation needs of Formosa Plastics' steel, petrochemical and power projects in Ningbo

Sheng Jiuyuan, Secretary General of the Taiwan Economic Research Center in Pudong, Shanghai, said that the total investment in the steel, petrochemical and thermal power plant projects that Formosa Plastics plans to invest in Ningbo is as high as billions of dollars. The special wharf is only one of the key supporting projects, and the investment of Taiwan funded enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta shows a trend of large-scale. "At present, Taiwan has not let Taiwanese enterprises invest in infrastructure construction in the mainland. Therefore, it can be judged that the wharf to be built by Formosa Plastics will not be operated externally, and it is entirely for the self use of Formosa Plastics Ningbo plants." Therefore, it is almost certain that Formosa Plastics has been sure to realize the follow-up large-scale investment, otherwise the construction of this wharf will lose more than gain

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