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At the time of the economic development advisory committee meeting, Formosa Plastics Group has decided to increase its investment in the Mailiao No. 6 Light Industry Zone, with a total amount of NT $110 billion. Formosa Plastics Group's big move to stay in Taiwan has given the new Taiwan government a shot in the arm

Officials from three groups of the industrial bureau confirmed yesterday that Formosa Plastics Group plans to invest another NT $110billion to build the third phase of the sixth Light Industry Zone in Mailiao. This is another super large investment plan of Formosa Plastics Group in Mailiao after the first and second phases of the sixth light industry and the expansion of the sixth light industry zone. In early June this year, Formosa Plastics Group submitted the relevant project to the industrial bureau for trial

Taiwan's economy continues to decline. In order to improve industrial competitiveness, various industries have gone to the mainland to invest and set up factories. Although Formosa Plastics Group has actively evaluated its investment plan in the mainland recently, in order to promote the industry to stay in Taiwan, Formosa Plastics Group has never stopped its investment plan in China, and the amount of investment is quite large

after Formosa Plastics Group invested 330 billion yuan to build the first and second phases of the Mailiao sixth light project, in December last year, Formosa Plastics Group Co loaned 69.2 billion yuan to expand the sixth light project, with a total investment of about 100 billion yuan. Officials from the three groups of the industrial bureau said that the investment plan for the third phase of the sixth light industry project submitted by Formosa Plastics Group to the industrial bureau for review in June this year, with a total investment of about 110 billion yuan, includes the expansion of production capacity, and the construction of more than 10 factories for polymer parts, including all parts from the cylinder block and cylinder head to the throttle body, fuel distribution pipe and oil pump. In the future, the plant construction site of phase III of the sixth light industry project will still be Mailiao plant

at present, there are 57 factories that have passed the environmental impact assessment in the sixth light project of Formosa Plastics Group, and more than 10 factories will be invested in the future. Formosa Plastics Group said that in the first half of this year, there was still an investment of 11 billion yuan in the sixth light industry project. The so-called paper tensile strength refers to the maximum tension that a unit width of paper or paperboard can bear before it breaks. In June this year, Nanya technology also decided to invest 59 billion yuan to build a 12 inch wafer factory. Formosa Plastics Group's investment plan in Taiwan will not stop in the future

Formosa Plastics said that the investment in the mainland such as PVC and ABS monomers proposed by Formosa Plastics and Formosa Chemical Co., Ltd. was about US $49 million each. However, the total investment of Formosa Plastics Group in the sixth light industry group, the first and second phases and the expansion plan, has exceeded US $420 billion. If you add the continued investment in the sixth light industry group and the investment in Taiwan's high-tech industry in the future, The new investment plan is worth more than 100 billion yuan. In other words, the mainland investment plan can only be regarded as a small investment

chenruilong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan, said on the 23rd that the scientific and technological achievements of the four teams invested by Formosa Plastics Group in the mainland have played an important role in promoting the development of polymer technology and discovering new business opportunities. Among the applications for development parts, the case that South Asia plans to establish an epoxy resin company in Kunshan has completed a preliminary review and will be placed on the agenda of the review committee of the Investment Review Committee on the 26th. However, three investment cases, Formosa Plastics and Formosa chemical, were still in the process of preliminary review because the preliminary review was not completed. The review meeting on the 26th "determined that it was too late to review"

chenruilong said that South Asia plans to set up an epoxy resin company in Kunshan, with an estimated investment of US $290million, mainly to supply the domestic market demand in China. After the staff of each unit has made a complete assessment on its competitiveness, employment and other related issues, the preliminary review has been completed, so it will be reviewed. However, as the relevant units have not yet completed the review of the investment case of Formosa chemical and Formosa Plastics, it is still necessary to supplement the information including the repatriation of overseas profits in the past, so it is determined that it is too late to put it on the agenda

the review committee was originally scheduled to hold its 950th meeting on the 24th. When the preliminary agenda was drawn up last week, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that it had not included the four investment cases of Formosa Plastics Group in the agenda. However, at that time, chenruilong hinted that it would only take two to three working days from the completion of the preliminary review to the inclusion in the agenda, and there was also a precedent for temporary proposals. At present, the economic development commission is in full swing. Wangyongqing is also the vice chairman of the economic development commission. The Investment Review Commission first postponed the agenda for two days due to the conflict of chenruilong's schedule. In addition, it rushed to schedule a Formosa Plastics case for review, which aroused many associations from the outside world. However, as for the occurrence of these "coincidences", chenruilong stressed that it is "in accordance with the law" and there is no need to make more associations

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