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Formosa Plastics and trimer raised their domestic plasticizing quotation in February. In view of the gradual warming of demand, and the fact that major Asian petrochemical plants continued to enter the traditional annual repair time point in July 2015, the ethylene spot quotation has increased significantly. Formosa Plastics, trimer and other petrochemical manufacturers have comprehensively raised their domestic plasticizing quotation in February by NT $0.5 to NT $2.1 per kilogram. Plasticizing manufacturers said that the rise in international oil prices and the arrangement of annual maintenance for the second quarter by several light oil cracking plants in the Far East may lead to a tight supply of ethylene, which makes plasticizing manufacturers face an upward trend in ethylene costs. At present, the price increases are all reaction costs, and the margin of gross profit has not been significantly increased. Fortunately, at present, there is a strong demand for buying petrochemical raw materials. It is expected that after the Spring Festival holiday, mainland manufacturers will resume work one after another, and the buying is expected to return. It is expected that the smaller the plasticizing quotation is, the more difficult it is to maintain the high-end level

in February, among the domestic plasticizing quotations, LDPE increased the most, with an increase of 2.1 yuan per kilogram, followed by HDPE, LLDPE and PP, with an increase of 1 yuan per kilogram, while PVC and EVA increased by 0.5 yuan and 0.2 yuan per kilogram respectively. The investment legal person said that in the fourth quarter of last year, the price of crude oil continued to hit a record high, but the downstream of ethylene was a product listed by Jilin on the telephone for the consultation of epidemic prevention and control measurement technology. For example, the high points of PE and EG were lower than those of the upstream. Obviously, the downstream products could not fully reflect the cost of the upstream. Secondly, the transfer capacity has become weaker. In addition, the mainland currently implements capital control over traders purchasing raw materials, In the past, the situation of chasing up raw materials has converged a lot

analysts believe that Taiwan's prosperity fell from red light to blue light last year, but the domestic plasticizing index was relatively high-grade. The main reason was that the crude oil price remained high, the price of the reduction weight of Formosa Plastics Sanbao was relatively resistant to decline, and the reduction weight caused the distortion of the plasticizing index. On the contrary, the second tier had fallen below the historical low of the share price to net worth ratio

once the high crude oil price suppresses the economic growth, the prices of the middle and lower plasticizing products will not be transferred, and the gross profit will be compressed; From the perspective of basic profit, Formosa Plastics Sibao, which has always had the advantage of being a manufacturer, is still the first profitable customer to choose the hydraulic universal testing machine. Note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean that it agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its contents

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