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Circuit acceptance is an important part of decoration. Only by doing well in circuit acceptance can we find errors in construction and eliminate hidden dangers in the future. Now let's learn about the circuit acceptance process

(1) check

check whether the intercom and emergency call buttons of the house are normal, whether the door bell is normal, the safety of the safety socket, and the number and safety of the socket of the TV broadband, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc

(2) safety inspection of electrical circuit switch box

safety and convenience of electrical circuit. According to the regulations, the number of circuits in each set of residence should not be less than 5. The switches in the switch box are firmly installed and can be exchanged for inspection to see whether there is looseness. Each shunt switch in the switch box shall be clearly marked. If there is no or unclear, it shall be corrected immediately during decoration

(3) electric pen test socket panel

use an electric pen to test whether the socket panel is defective, whether all switches, sockets and main electric valves in the house are defective, pull down the socket switch in the main switch box, turn off the indicator light, and test several times frequently to prove that the switch and wiring are good and the socket is safe

(4) pull valve power-off test

if the switch and meter are outdoors, it should be checked whether they can control the indoor lamps and sockets. The method is whether the indoor power is completely cut off after the switch is pulled; If there is an opening indoors, it should also be checked whether each opening fully controls each branch line

(5) check whether the electricity meter is powered on

at present, the installation of electricity meters is mostly 10 (40) a single-phase watt hour meters, and whether the operation is normal. Either fast or slow should be reported for repair. The number of meters used, because in the construction, workers may use your energy, and the money should not be paid by the owner




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