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With the continuous improvement of Chinese people's health requirements in recent years, more and more people have paid attention to improving the indoor environment and reducing decoration pollution. Many families use the so-called new building materials. The formaldehyde detection of a single building material does not exceed the standard, but a variety of building materials produce superimposed pollution of formaldehyde. Nowadays, due to people's attention to decoration pollution, "diatom mud" has gradually become a popular word for home decoration, and has attracted more and more attention. With the concept of "beautiful China" put forward at the 18th CPC National Congress, diatom mud has become an inevitable trend in China in the next decade. Diatom mud is pure natural and can completely eliminate formaldehyde in the room. Diatom mud can adjust humidity and temperature, reduce the utilization rate of air conditioners and deodorizers, protect the atmosphere, save energy, and create a comfortable living space

the most important reason why people buy and use diatom mud is to value their functionality. If diatom mud is not functional, but only decorative, then they are no different from the popular wallpaper, wall art paint, liquid wallpaper, coating materials, etc. on the market. The real diatom mud material has natural ingredients and is the most environmentally friendly wall material at present. It can also effectively eliminate harmful gases generated by decoration and purify indoor air. However, the fake diatom mud itself contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. Therefore, the use of fake diatom mud for decoration will not play a good role, but will have an adverse impact on health. If you don't know the identification method of diatom mud, you will sooner or later be cheated by the false diatom mud

first, let's start with the word "mud" in the name of diatom mud products. Why is diatom mud not called "diatom paint"? It is because diatom mud is essentially different from latex paint, liquid wallpaper and other wall decoration materials: that is, it is pure natural, that is, diatom mud is a kind of pure natural mud. The mud itself does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances

how to identify whether diatom mud is of high quality? Now let's teach you several ways to identify the true and false diatom mud:

1. Hold a watering can, about 10 cm away from the diatom mud wall, and spray water directly on the wall. You will find that the diatom mud wall can absorb water quickly, and the wall is free of any water stains by hand. The best diatom mud can spray water on the wall at the same point for about 30 times, and quickly absorb water without any water stains. Poor diatom mud walls will appear the following phenomena after spraying water according to the above methods: water will not absorb water, and water will flow down the wall, like latex paint, wall art paint, and liquid wallpaper; Even if the surface absorbs water, it can't be sprayed dozens of times against the wall, and the inferior film can only be sprayed less than 5 times. Touch it with your palm, and there are water stains on your palm. This is because the wall surface is dry and absorbs water, rather than the countless micropores on the diatom mud wall itself

2. After the diatom mud wall is sprayed with clean water for more than 30 times, the wall surface has no falling off, no color, and no cracking. After the surface is dry, it recovers as before, and there is no water mark and slag falling on the surface. This is the outstanding performance of high-quality diatom mud. After spraying water, the color of the wall diffuses. Touch it with your hand, and the color of the wall decolorizes. This is the phenomenon of inferior diatom mud

3. Look at gloss: the wall material of high-quality environmental protection functional diatom mud is porous material, and the porosity is thousands of times higher than that of charcoal products. It has the function of sound absorption and light absorption, so the wall surface should be a fine matte matt surface that will not reflect light with the naked eye. If the wall surface is found to be as smooth as paint and reflective, it can be basically determined to be fake diatom mud or a low-quality product with extremely low diatomite content

4. Look at the color: in the production process of diatom mud wall materials, in order to ensure that the tiny gap will not be blocked by the addition of chemical substances, regular enterprises must use pure natural pigments. Natural pigments are expensive, but the color is very positive, and there will be no very bright color. Therefore, if the color of the wall is not correct, or the color is too bright, it must be the result of the addition of chemical pigments or toners

5. Look at the specific gravity: the lighter the better. If there is a large amount of stone, the specific gravity is very large, which means that the diatomite content is low

6. Look at the proportion of water added: when mixing, add water, and the proportion close to 1:1 is the best; In practice, if the water added is less than 0.5, the content of diatomite may be less than 20%




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