Green, energy-saving and environmental protection

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, science and technology and the world's sustainable development as the theme, it has brought rapid technological changes and development to all walks of life, including the coating industry. Paint products are bound to develop in the direction of green environmental protection, low-carbon and energy saving, which can be painted and lived immediately, and can adjust air quality, temperature and humidity, etc

during the technological innovation and product upgrading of the coating industry, enterprises will face the test of the market and the challenges of the industry. If coating enterprises want to lead the technology trend of the coating industry, they must accurately grasp the development trend of coating technology, because the development trend of coating technology is the basic skill. The development of coating technology, like the development of other products, is driven by market demand. In today's huge market demand based on green, energy-saving and environmental protection development, the coating industry will usher in technological change and development. In recent years, the development and application of raw materials in the coating industry is an important factor to promote the development of coating technology. The coating raw materials are integrated with high-tech technology, which improves the quality of raw materials. The benefit of improving the quality of raw materials is to improve the environmental protection, durability and other properties of the coating. The application scope of coatings has been expanded, and the development prospect of the coating industry has been expanded

in the future, the application of new technologies will be a major factor in promoting the development of the coating industry. The development process of coating products from traditional powder coating to emulsion paint to water-based coating loved by consumers today reflects the development and improvement of technology. In the future, with the progress and development of new technologies and the application of new processes, the coating industry will become brilliant




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